Dear athletes,
Since changes regarding various measures come quickly and almost daily, we would like to share the sources we monitor with you:
If you are coming to Karlovy Vary from a European country
Link to Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic Covid-19 website www.mzcr.cz
If your country of residence (in passport) is a low-risk country
  • you can travel freely.
If your country of residence (in passport) is a high-risk country
  • We recommend to already arrive with negative test result (info below)
Another handy tool is www.reopen.europa.eu, which gives you ideas about protective measures happening in the country.
If you are coming from a non-European country
Due to the fast-changing information, we are trying to act proactively.
Please be prepared that an official invitation from the Czech government needs to be issued. (as of now only a few countries outside of Europe don’t need it) www.mzcr.cz
To get such an invitation, please contact jan.novak@citytriathlon.cz
Be please also prepared that two tests are required. First, not older four days and second upon arrival.
How to get tested for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)
1. You can get tested directly at the Prague Airport www.prg.aero
2. We can ensure that you can get tested directly in Karlovy Vary immediately upon your arrival prior to checking to your hotel.
3. You can get tested in your country or on the way to the Czech Republic. Please bring the following compulsory form filled out with you. www.mvcr.cz
Please be aware that while waiting for PCR test results, you need to be in the self-quarantine and that All the PCR tests are carried out upon athlete´s costs.