The CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary was a wonderful end to the cup season, where on Saturday, September 10, the age groups raced for points for the Czech Olympic Triathlon Cup. The absolute winners of the race were Filip Václavík and Kateřina Hadravová, who also won the title of national youth champions. 

The Karlovy Vary race traditionally ended the cup season. In the beautiful spa centre, young triathletes were racing for the cup points in the age groups, but also for the championship titles in the youth and junior categories. 

Among the women, the absolute winner of the Karlovy Vary race was already decided in the first start wave, which was for women and also for all triathletes in the youth and junior age groups competing for championship titles. The fastest among them was junior Kateřina Hadravová, who, like several other competitors, managed to erase the lead of Kateřina Mičková during the cycling part. After a successful second transition area, these two triathletes went onto the running course together, with Hadravová deciding on her triumph in the last hundred metres. 

With a time of 1:10:30 she secured not only the position of the overall winner of the race, but also the national youth champion. “I tried not to exhaust myself completely today, because in six days I have the Junior European Championships,” added Hadravová, for whom it was the third Cup race this year in which she managed to beat the women. 

The second Kateřina Mičková took the title of junior champion from Karlovy Vary. Tomáš Knejzlík triumphed among the youth and David Korous among the juniors. 

The overall winner of the Karlovy Vary race is Filip Václavík, who took the start in the second wave together with men from 20 years old. After the 750 m long swimming part in the Rolava leisure time areal he exited water and entered the transition area together with Jakub Lahoda. Very soon, however, he was alone in the lead and continued on his own in the 20km bike and 5km run. “After that I was just guarding the lead, but I didn’t know what times the others achieved in the previous races so I was fighting an internal battle between giving a good performance and the need to save my strength for tomorrow’s World Cup, because it is still theoretically possible that I will get on the start list,” said Vaclavik, who triumphed in 1:02:11. The second best time of the day belongs to Tomáš Knejzlík and the third to another junior Lukáš Plic. 


CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary, 10th September 2022 

Men: 1. Filip Václavík 1:02:11, 2. Tomáš Knejzlík 1:04:00, 3. Lukáš Plic 1:04:48 

Women: 1. Kateřina Hadravová 1:10:30, 2. Kateřina Mičková 1:10:35, 3. Vanda Křížková 1:11:17 

Complete results to be found HERE