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We are a team that organizes prestigious sports events for thousands of people. We have had almost 16 years of experience thanks to which we managed to upgrade the Czech  Championships in Olympic triathlon in Karlovy Vary to European Championships and subsequently the  World Cup. We organize triathlon races in the Karlovy Vary Region and participate in the organization of the Karlovy Vary Half Marathon.

CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary  was founded in 2005 by a group of former triathletes (mostly national team members) who continued the tradition of organizing spa triathlons, which took place in the spa center since 1994. In 2006, we returned the triathlon to Karlovy Vary and since 2008 until 2016, we held the European Triathlon Cup, in 2017 we held the first ever World Cup in Olympic triathlon. We are also organizationally involved in other major sporting events (eg. the Karlovy Vary Half Marathon, Czech and Slovak Championships in road cycling). We also take care of recruiting children and youth for our sport. 

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