Traditional duathlon race for children of all age groups.


Saturday, September 12, start 10:00


Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Open Air Swimming Areal Rolava


CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary z.s.
Šmeralova 320/26, 360 05 Karlovy Vary
e-mail: info@citytriathlon.cz, www.citytriathlon.cz



GEIS BABY DUATHLON Karlovy Vary 2020 – Open race for children and their parents


The organizer has the right to limit the number of starting children.
The cycling race course will be closed. Dangerous places will be secured by organizers.
Mountain bike is allowed.
The bike helmet is compulsory!!!
The organizer reserves the right to change the race course due to bad weather.

Race courses

Running (a small lap around the lake – a number of laps depending on the category)
Cycling (a big lap round the areal – a number of laps depending on the category)
Running (a small lap round the areal – a number of laps depending on the category)


Some categories may be divided into girls´ and boys´ groups depending on the number of participants.

– Girls/Boys 0–3 roky DUATHLON (Race courses 100 m running – 200 m cycling – 100 m running)
– Girls/Boys 3–4 roky DUATHLON (Race courses 200 m running – 400m cycling – 200 m running)
– Girls/Boys 5–7 years of age DUATHLON (Race courses 400 m running – 1000 m cycling – 400 m running)
– Girls/Boys 8–9 years of age DUATHLON (Race courses 800 m running – 2000 m cycling – 800 m running)
– Girls/Boys 10–12 years of age DUATHLON (Race courses 800 m running – 2000 m cycling – 800 m running)
– Relay parent – child: DUATHLON final race


Saturday, September 12

8:00–9:15 Registration
9:00–9:50 Transition Area open
9:55–10:00 Pre-start briefing
10:00 Start 
12:00 Awarding ceremony

>>> MAPS >>>

Category 0–3 years old


Category 3–4 years old


Category 5–7 years old



Category 8–9 years old


Category 10–12 years old, Relays




Registration will be possible on the race venue or in the electronic form.

Starting fee


Each participant will receive:

Refreshment at the finish line