Age Groups: Czech Cup conquered by Aneta Grabmüllerová and Dries Matthys

Age Groups: Czech Cup conquered by Aneta Grabmüllerová and Dries Matthys

An excellent prologue to the ITU World Cup was staged as the Czech Cup on Olympic and sprint triathlon distances on Saturday, September 12. Belgian Matthys and Czech Grabmüllerová could rejoice over their victories at the CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary.

The same, beautiful race courses and the identical professional venues like for Sunday´s World Cup was ready for all the participants of the Age Groups races, part of the Czech Cup. Only there were half the distances: 700 metres´ swim in the Rolava Lake, 20 km bike course in the spa centre with 3 demanding laps and climbs to the top of Chateau Hill and the final running section of 5 km.

With regard to the high number of participating athletes, they were divided into two waves – 39 and younger and those aged 40+. The first group was fighting for victory in a bunch, including Belgian Dries Matthys, Lukáš Červenka, Tomáš Kříž, Filip Michálek, Filip Václavík and Filip Tlamka. „Matthys tried to jump off in the very first lap and then, it was his solo ride. I did not want to chase him because my goal was to save up some energy for Sunday´s World Cup, ” Radim Grebík depicted the situation.

A group of four – Červenka, Olšar, Michálek and Grebík – entered transition area 2 on the Theater Square. Grebík was the fastest runner of all of them in the end and he secured the second place. He lost 22 seconds to Matthys. Filip Michálek ranked third.

A winning comeback to the Czech Cup

In the women´s category, there were two ladies who existed the water first, namely Kateřina Mičková and Belgian Kiara Lenaertz, followed by a few seconds by the local Heidi Juránková and Aneta Grabmüllerová, who returned to racing after a long break.

„In the bike section all four of us got together. Later Israeli Aviv Levi joined us. I could see that the girls were not as strong in their technique and some of them really suffered going uphill, more than I did. I succeeded in jumping off with the Belgian and the Israeli. Unfortunately, Katka Mičková had some technical problem,” Aneta Grabmüllerová characterized the bike section. “Surprisingly enough I was running faster than the others. The only one who kept the pace was Heidi Juránková. She was approaching. At one moment I was losing about ten metres. But I managed to keep the gap between us,” the winner was smiling at the finish line.

Heidi Juránková finished 26 seconds later. The third place went to Kiara Lenaertz.


CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary, Czech championships, September 12th

Men: 1. Dries Matthys 59:34, 2. Radim Grebík 1:01:15, 3. Filip Michálek 1:01:22

Woman: 1. Aneta Grabmüllerová 1:09:28, 2. Heidi Juránková 1:09:54, 3. Kiara Lenaertzová 1:10:12

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World Cup in the light of superstars! Victories for Vincent Luis and Flora Duffy

World Cup in the light of superstars! Victories for Vincent Luis and Flora Duffy

Czechia has just seen the greatest triathlon weekend in history. The best world triathletes were at the start in Karlovy Var on September 13. French Vincent Luis, who won the world champion´s title a week ago, confirmed his role of the favorite at the Karlovy Vary CITY TRIATHLON. In the women´s category, Flora Duffy, the double world champion, was the fastest of all. Among the Czech triathletes, the best ranking belongs Petra Kuříková (12th) and František Linduška (29th).

Karlovy Vary enjoyed the triathlon weekend with the greatest triathlon stars. The following ones entered the race: the reigning world champion Vincent Luis, the runner up Portuguese Vasco Vilaca, or Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt, a world champion on middle distances. On the start list in the women´s category there were top 10 ladies – triathletes of the last world championship, including Flora Duffy, Katie Zaferes and Georgia Taylor-Brown.

Vincent Luis assured everyone of his world champ position in the men´s race starting from its swimming section. He also exited water and ran up the pontoon as the first man.

At the beginning of the bike section, a group of six triathletes, including Luis, Breinlinger and Schomburg, Vilaca, Dévay and Nener took the front. On the bike there was soon over one-minute gap between them and the remaining riders. After an unhappy collision in the last of the seven laps, only three bikers – Vilaca, Luis and Breinlinger – reached the transition area 2.

In the run there was a duo Luis – Vilaca leading. After some time the French world champion jumped off, keeping his 6-second split to the final victory ahead of the second Portugues. The fastest run of the day belonged to Belgian Jelle Geens, who came third.

“It’s really nice to race as the World Champ. Karlovy Vary is a great race and a tough one that really rewards the best swim-bike-runner. I was really happy with the group on the bike and it was a shame they (Kenji Nener and Mark Devay) crashed there with 1km to go, but it’s the kind of race I like; a quick breakaway on the bike and then a fight against the top runners,” said Vincent Luis

The first Czech to cross the finish line on the Theater Square was František Linduška, whom the full grandstand applauded to the 29th rank. Jan Volár finished 39th. Radim Grebík succeeded in overtaking Tomáš Zikmund and they completed the race 46th and 47th respectively. In total, 19 male athletes did not manage to finish the race.


Duffyovou posunul k vítězství famózní běh

In the second part of the bike course the group of riders thinned down to one solo ride for Jessica Learmonth. Zaferes joined the chasing pack. Her high pace was too much Tereza Zimovjanová, who was unable to keep it and dropped down behind the third group. 

Learmonth set off on the run course with more than 20 seconds in the lead ahead of six contestants. Flora Duffy, however, truly fired off and in the first of four laps she took the first position which with constant pace she defended to the finish line. The reigning world champion Georgia Taylor-Brown of Great Britain took the second place loosing 1:38 to the winner. Dutch Maya Kingma, the biggest surprise of the today´s race, surprised herself and the surrounds with the third place. Jessica Learmonth after the long time in the lead finally completed the race fourth.

“Wow! It was so hard, man that was a shock to the system,” admitted a thrilled Duffy. “A first Olympic distance of the year and on such a challenging course and with such a stacked field. Jess is unbelievable in the swim and I was just trying to recover from that for most of the bike to be honest, which isn’t easy on this type of course. I wanted to ride strong but not over-extend myself and the run just felt like survival. I’m just so thrilled to win, it has been a while since I’ve done it at this level and it’s a huge confidence boost and something I feel personally i’ve really needed.”

Thanks to her fantastic run, Petra Kuříková finished the race 12th under the blue sky and on the blue carpet. Tereza Zimovjanová after her spectacular performance in the first two sections ranked 25th and Alžběta Hrušková placed the 35th in the final results. 


Karlovy Vary ITU World Cup taken by GB´s Samuel Dickinson

Karlovy Vary ITU World Cup taken by GB´s Samuel Dickinson

The world triathlon powers dominated in Karlovy Vary at the ITU World Cup on Sunday, August 25. Samuel Dickinson was the fastest in the male category. French Raphael Montoya and another British triathlete Grant Sheldon completed the podium. Jan Čelůstka ranked 20th to become the best Czech in the race.

In the morning, Czech fans celebrated the local favourites Vendula Frintová and her gold medal and Petra Kuříková, who ranked fourth.

In the men´s race, the Czech Republic was represented by four triathletes: Jan Čelůstka, František Linduška, Jan Volár were joined by Lukáš Červenka, who was waitlisted until then and definitely feeling tired after Saturday´s Age Group race victory.

After the 1500-metre swim in the Rolava Lake, Russian Igor Polyanskiy left first, another excellent swimmer Slovak Richard Varga right behind him second. The British Samuel Dickinson departed 24th losing 27 seconds. The best Czech was, indeed, Lukáš Červenka, the sixth man out of the water. František Linduška came out 11th, Jan Volár 16th and Jan Čelůstka 25th.

At the beginning of the 40-km cycling course, during which triathletes had to climb the steep Chateau Hill seven times, the fastest swimmers merged into a big pack numbering 30 riders. For a long time, all the Czechs could keep up. The first ones to lose contact were František Linduška and Lukáš Červenka with several minutes´ gap. Saturday´s start in the PSG Age Group race took a toll on Červenka, who did not finish the running section.

In the lead a British-French trio broke away. For some time the Dutch Van Egdom keept pace with them but later in the running segment he started to trail behind. In the last lap, the trio fell apart leaving the British Samuel Dickinson in the lead to the finish. His finish time was 1:56:12.

„It has been my first race in Karlovy Vary and I am truly glad I came here because the beautiful but difficult cycling course had been challenging for me. The running segment was not so fast but in this heat it was a real challenge for each single one of us. I am happy that I have saved most power to the finish and that I have won,“ he was smiling after the race.

Frenchman Raphael Montoya finished second losing 12 seconds to the winner and the bronze medal will go to GB´s Grant Sheldon 30 seconds behind him.

The best running performance of all the Czechs was presented by Jan Čelůstka, who finished 20th losing 2:57 minutes to the leaders. „ I am not happy with the results. I wanted to be in the top15. On the hand, I was enjoying the race thoroughly. A marvellous weather, a great race course and fabulous spectators who were cheering us up. From this point of view it was simply perfect,“ continued the best triathlete in the start field.

Jan Volár finished on the 33rd place. „It was not a race as I had imagined it to be. However, it was a great race with a magnificent course, drummers and people whom I want to thank for firing me forward. It was fantastic,“ he confirmed in the finish area.

František Linduška, who surprised Karlovy Vary with his 5th place last year, ranked 40th in 2019, definitely not satisfied.

2019 Karlovy Vary ITU Triathlon World Cup

Men: 1. Samuel Dickinson (GBR)  1:56:11, 2. Raphael Montoya (FRA) 1:56:22, 3. Grant Sheldon (GBR) 1:56:40 … 20. Jan Čelůstka 1:59:08, 33. Jan Volár 2:02:46, 40. František Linduška 2:07:17, Lukáš Červenka DNF

Women: 1. Vendula Frintová 2:09:08, 2. Tamara Gorman (USA) 2:09:12, 3. Caroline Pohle (GER) 2:10:41, 4. Petra Kuříková 2:10:57 … 31. Iveta Fairaislová 2:17:56, 40. Tereza Zimovjanová 2:24:10

For the overall results please go to

Fantastic Frintová defended her World Cup victory

Fantastic Frintová defended her World Cup victory

Spectators at the Karlovy Vary ITU Triathlon World Cup were watching an unbelievable performance of the Czech triathletes. On Sunday, August 25, this event marked the absolute highlight of the CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary. Vendula Frintová succeeded in defending her last year´s victory against very tough competitors. And Petra Kurikova finished fourth!

For triathlon fans, it must have been a perfect race. They enjoyed a magnificent ambience of the spa town, sunny weather conditions, a starry start field, including four Czech triathletes and mostly a dramatic race from the start to the end! The breaking point came after 1500 m of swimming and 40 km of cycling in the very last discipline: 10 km run.

Vendula Frintová left water on the 16th place with loosing half a minute to American Tamara Gorman. Petra Kuříková was only three seconds behind her. Tereza Zimovjanová came out of the Rolava Lake another nine seconds later. All of them joined the second cycling pack which reached the city centre with a 30-second gap to the leaders. The last Czech was Iveta Fairaislová, who departed the first transition area on the 38th position loosing 1:44 minutes.

The positions were changing rapidly on the difficult cycling course in Karlovy Vary. Frintová and Kuříková caught up with the leading group whose speed was acceptable only for the best triathletes. Frintová lead a 14-member pack into the transition area 2. Her fall at the transition entry scared the spectators a bit. „I simply rammed in,“ she was smiling at the finish line later. „At the very last moment I started to break, my bike slipped a bit and I ended up on my knees. Luckily, all finished well. Only two opponents passed by and I did not receive any penalty which could have happened.“

On the cycling course, Tereza Zimovjanová dropped in the ranking and she entered the second transition area as the 40th female triathlete loosing approx. 7:30 minutes. Iveta Fairaislová was racing among the top 30-40 and she entered the transition area losing three minutes.

The very first running lap was decisive for the latter leaders and medallists. Frintová and US Tamara Gorman took the lead. „I have no idea why today I was not in a good running shape. I was happy I could run with Tamara, who is a very good triathlete, the U23 world champion. I managed to save some energy and power,“ Frintová said.

In the very end, the Czech triathlete attacked the leading position. When entering the finish she „jumped off“ from her American opponent and completed the race first at the finish time 2:09:08. Gorman finished four seconds later. „. I intended to attack in the very last metres. If you do not feel in an ideal shape, it makes no sense to sprint on a longer distance in front of the finish line.“

From the very beginning, Petra Kuříková was fighting for the third place with German Caroline Pohle. Most of the course Kuříková was ahead of her. German triathlete, however, fought back for the bronze medal in the final 2.5 km lap. „If someone had tol dme that I would rank fourth, I would be enthusiastic about it. Since I was third most of the running course, I am slightly disappointed,“ the Czech triathlete said. Kuříková hereby collected a significant amount of points necessary to make her Olympic qualification dream come true.

Iveta Fairaislová finished 31st and Tereza Zimovjanová ranked 40th.

2019 Karlovy Vary ITU Triathlon World Cup
Women: 1. Vendula Frintová 2:09:08, 2. Tamara Gorman (USA) 2:09:12, 3. Caroline Pohle (GER) 2:10:41, 4. Petra Kuříková 2:10:57 … 31. Iveta Fairaislová 2:17:56, 40. Tereza Zimovjanová 2:24:10

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Over one hundred children enjoyed the Czech Youth Cup

Over one hundred children enjoyed the Czech Youth Cup

On Friday, August 23, exactly 106 children started at the Czech Youth Cup and hereby officially opened the 2019 CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary. On Saturday, it will continue with the PSG Age Groups races and a concert performed by the Hamleti band.

Kids were competing in the Leisure Time Areal Rolava whose lake was warmed up by the sunny weather. Pupils started in three heats – age groups. The following distances awaited the younger ones 0.1 – 2 – 1. The following swim-bike-run courses 0.4 – 8 – 3 were covered by the older ones. Triathlon Team Tábor was the most successful club collecting 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal.

World Triathlon in Karlovy Vary this weekend

World Triathlon in Karlovy Vary this weekend

The whole triathlon world has been heading for the Czech Republic. At the weekend, August 23-25, the CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary and the ITU World Cup will be held. Vendula Frintová, defending last year´s victory, will be one of the greatest favourites for this race. On Friday, the Czech Youth Cup will launch the event. On Saturday, the open race PSG Age Groups as part of the Czech Cup will take place. 

The most prestigious triathlon race in the Czech Republic will be held in the beautiful spa town scenery this year as well. Karlovy Vary has been a candidate nominated on the World Heritage list UNESCO. For the World Cup participants will have to battle the Olympic triathlon distances: 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run. The course will wind through the spa zone, colonnades, past the hot Geyser Spring and to the Theatre Square, the heart of the town and triathlon hub. ” The ITU management has highlighted our race course as one of the most beautiful in the world,” proudly states Vladimir Maly, LOC director.

Beautiful but challenging. This is what athletes themselves say about the course. Especially the cycling with steep climbs rank among the most demanding ones in the global triathlon calendar.

The start list will not play into the hands of Frintova

The fully packed start list is a promise of exceptionally attractive races whose outcome can be clear only at the finish line. Last year Czech triathlon fans rejoiced over Vendula Frintova´s victory. “I have to agree with other athletes: It is more difficult to defend a title than to win it for the first time,” she says.

Together with Frintova there will be three more Czech female triathletes on the start list. Petra Kurikova aims to follow her successful silver medal from the European Sprint Championships. Both Iveta Fairaislová and Tereza Zimovjanová will be fighting for their best.

Among triathlon stars from abroad there is Beth Potter, the reigning European champion, who did athletics some years ago. She represented Great Britain on the 10,000 meter distance at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Spanish Sara Peréz Salaa was her country´s olympic team member in swimming. “Well, this year´s start list does not really play in my hands since a very strong group of swimmers have crystalized out of the field,” describes Vendula Frintova the start list. She also adds other triathletes: “Gillian Backhouse won in Karlovy Vary in 2017, when I ranked second. There is a strong trio of Americans: Tomlin, Burns and Gormam – all of them medallists at the world cups.“

Among the stars we should not forget Yulia Yelistratova of the Ukraine, who succeeded in winning the 2018 Salinas World Cup.

A Czech male trio at the start

There will be a Czech trio, namely Jan Čelůstka, Jan Volár and František Linduška at the start in Karlovy Vary. The latter intends to continue his successful performance here like the fifth place in 2018, his ever best result.

Karlovy Vary will be a destination for Dmitryi Polyankyi, defending his last year´s victory. The silver medalist Irish Russell White will be present, too. Slovakian Richard Varga, one of the best European triathletes and one of the best swimmers in the triathlon field will be coming as well. Last year he became the sprint triathlon champion and in 2017 he was the aquathlon European champion.
Vendula Frintová guesses that “the French and British would like to fight for the podium ranking, too.” French Simon Vian has very high expectations since he regularly attacks top 10 at the world championships and he will be starting with the bib no. 1.”

“When looking at the start list, it is obvious that it will be a great race. We are glad we can welcome triathletes who have been to Karlovy Vary before and who delivered great performances but there are also new names from the world top ranking. We will watching with curiousity how they can handle the course and their quality opponents,” says  Vladimír Malý.

This year his team prepared some novelties for fans, such as excellent facilities: shuttle buses from Rolava to the venue on the Theatre Square connected to the Imperial funicular. New is also the LED screen opposite a 60-meter grand stand built directly on the Theatre square alongside the finish line.


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